New pattern matching for SafTGlo

STG Aerospace has unveiled the latest innovation in photoluminescent (PL) floorpath marking – a pattern-matching service for its SafTGlo system.

Building on the technology, innovation and market success of SafTGlo and SafTGlo ColorMatch, which offers over 300 colour options, STG has extended the product range with its new pattern-matching offer.

SafTGlo can now be made to match the actual pattern of even the most intricate carpet design. A translucent overlay, specially printed to match the surrounding carpet’s colour and design, sits over the PL strip meaning the system is completely discreet when cabin lighting is on but just as effective as other SafTGlo variants if the lights go out.

Peter Stokes, chief executive at STG Aerospace, said the new pattern-matching service is a logical innovation to the company’s ColorMatch range. “We’re excited to be revealing the latest development in PL emergency floorpath marking. It significantly broadens our offering to clients and I’m confident it will be as popular with operators as the rest of our ColorMatch system,” he remarked.

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