New no-cancellation record for Delta Connection

The six regional carriers of Delta Connection have created a new record by operating for almost eight days without a cancellation, their best-ever completion factor streak and one which beat their previous record by almost three days.

For more than 17,000 operations, Compass Airlines, Endeavor Air, ExpressJet Airlines, GoJet Airlines, Shuttle America and SkyWest Airlines flew as scheduled, not cancelling for any reason, including maintenance, weather, air traffic control or other circumstances both in and out of the carriers’ control.

The streak ended only after a flight from Washington Reagan National to New York LaGuardia was cancelled due to inclement weather on the evening of Tuesday 24 May.

“The momentum has been incredible at our Delta Connection affiliates as they continue to break operational records, delivering to our customers a mainline-like experience,” declared Erik Snell, vice-president, Delta Connection. “This latest cancel-free run is just the beginning as our regional partners continue to find opportunities to drive an even more consistently reliable operation.”

Within those six carriers – and at the time of writing – Endeavor Air has just passed 83 straight days of perfect controllable completion factor.

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