New lower weight A330 announced by Airbus

Airbus has announced a new lower weight variant of the A330-300 which the OEM says is optimised for use on domestic and regional routes in high growth markets with large populations and concentrated traffic flows.
The announcement was made by Fabrice Bregier, president and CEO of Airbus (pictured), at the Aviation Expo China (Beijing Airshow) 2013, which has opened its doors today in Beijing.
“The new lower weight A330-300 variant specially designed for regional and domestic use is Airbus’s solution for markets with large populations and fast growing, concentrated air traffic flows. Operators will benefit from a proven, mature and reliable aircraft that brings relief to limited airspace, airport congestion and pilot shortage,” explained Bregier. “In China we see strong pent-up demand for efficient and reliable widebody aircraft connecting mega cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu and Guangzhou.”
Compared with current A330-300 variants that are adapted to longer-range missions of up to 6,100 nautical miles (nm), the new A330-300 variant will be optimised to seat up to around 400 passengers on missions up to 3,000 nm and offer significant cost savings through a reduced operational weight of around 200 tonnes. The reduction in fuel burn per seat and maintenance costs will result in an overall cost reduction by up to 15% compared with the long-range A330-300 variants.
The new A330-300 variant will also benefit from technologies developed for the A350 XWB and A380. These include cockpit functionalities such as dual head-up displays and the latest navigation systems.

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