New hub in Oulu, Finland, for airBaltic

airBaltic has completed negotiations with Finnish airports and is to open a new hub in the Finnish city of Oulu.

Currently airBaltic operates flights from North Hub Riga (Latvia), Vilnius (Lithuania) and Tallinn (Estonia).

“We have operated up to four routes from Oulu so far and been very satisfied with the results,” commented Bertolt Flick, president and chief executive officer of airBaltic. “The city and the businesses have been very active in promoting their vision as ‘the Arctic Gateway’. We want to be the carrier to enable the Oulu region to reach that vision. We are currently working very closely with the Oulu airport and region to develop the future route network.”

Currently, airBaltic offers four destinations out of Oulu – Riga, Turku, Stockholm (in summer), Tallinn (in summer). Full hub operations will mean 10-15 airBaltic operated direct destinations out of Oulu.

Oulu, located in northwest Finland, is the second busiest airport in the country, offering regular connections to six destinations – Riga, Turku, Tampere, Stockholm, Tallinn and Helsinki – as well as 250 charter flights per year. The total amount of passengers served by the Oulu airport is 700,000 annually. Oulu airport is currently undergoing an extensive expansion programme aimed at doubling passenger capacity.

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