New 737 simulator at CTC Gatwick to have Norwegian as launch customer

CTC Aviation has introduced a Boeing 737-800W Level D full flight simulator at its London Gatwick Crew Training Centre and confirmed a five-year dry lease agreement with Norwegian Airlines for its usage.“Our industry requires ever more pilots trained to the very highest standards. To meet this demand we are investing in the latest technology to ensure our pilots reach the exacting standards our customers require,” declared Captain Mike Redrupp, CTC Aviation’s head of training and COO of airline training. “As our business expands internationally, our customer requirements for all types of training activity continue to increase. We are, therefore, delighted to announce the latest addition to our comprehensive portfolio of airline training devices.”Manufactured by L-3 Link UK, the new simulator achieved Level-D certification with the UK CAA in July 2015. It combines the highest levels of simulator fidelity including windshear, IAN, TCAS, ATIS, EGPWS, WXR and choice of engine thrust. It is also fully airline configurable. CTC Aviation and L-3 Link UK have confirmed that the option for short field performance will be added within a few months.Training of Norwegian’s UK- and Spain-based crews will begin later in August, with the new contract set to support the airline’s expanding training requirements up to 2020.Captain Stig Larsen, head of training for Norwegian, commented, “We are indeed pleased to announce the development of our relationship with CTC Aviation. We are very satisfied with the bespoke solution offered at their new London Gatwick facility which is ideally situated to initially serve Norwegian’s UK and southern European-based crews. In connection with the Dreamliner long-haul fleet, Norwegian has some 3 years of experience with the L-3 full flight simulators. We are convinced that L-3 is capable of delivering high quality, reliable training devices meeting regulatory and company requirements.”The B737-800W simulator joins a new Airbus A320 L-3 Link simulator at the London Gatwick facility, bringing CTC Aviation’s FFS fleet total to six.CTC Aviation was acquired by L-3 Communications in May. CTC Aviation and L-3 Link UK will retain their individual brands, while continuing to focus on and serve all their existing customers and markets.

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