MRO EUROPE: Snecma announces new EngineLife programme

Snecma took the opportunity at MRO Europe in London to launch a new support package, EngineLife, which aims to embody all Snecma’s experience and expertise as an OEM to guarantees the origin and quality of MRO services offered to operators.

“With EngineLife, from the day it’s delivered an engine will benefit from all the Snecma service,” declared sales director, Gael Meheust. “And we are continuously improving the services. I think you can deliver more effective services when you are also the manufacturer.”

Explaining the difference between the new programme and what Snecma Services offered before its merger with Snecma in February 2009, Meheust commented, “This creates a unified team from design until the end of the engine’s life. It demonstrates that we can differentiate ourselves by being in manufacturing. EngineLife is an à la carte offering, but it means that whatever you choose, you get the whole company delivering support.”

Bernie Baldwin, editor, Low-Fare & Regional Airlines/
London ExCel

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