MRO Europe 2015: MTU launches MTUPlus Asset Value Maximization

MTU Maintenance has launched a new service, MTUPlus Asset Value Maximization, targeted at engine asset owners wanting to increase return on investment and find a smooth exit for their end-of-life engines.The basic purpose of MTUPlus Asset Value Maximization is to evaluate an engine’s residual value, a task carried out by MTU Maintenance Lease Services, an MTU subsidiary which is a joint venture with the Japanese trading house Sumitomo Corporation.After this, engine owners have numerous options from lease-out, sale and exchange solutions to tear-down and material management. Built on a modular basis, the different options can be combined among each other to fully respond to the requirements of the customer.“At MTU Maintenance, we have more than 35 years of experience in the field of engine MRO and have been active in the lease and purchasing markets for over 15 years as well,” explained Martin Friis-Petersen, managing director of MTU Maintenance Lease Services. “With our services, we go beyond traditional maintenance offers: we not only help our customers save operational and shop visit costs, we also aim to maximise the value of their assets. As such, MTUPlus Asset Value Maximization fits perfectly into our portfolio of integrated services.”The service is available for all older and current generation engines within MTU Maintenance’s portfolio, including smaller models such as the CF34, but also the CFM56, PW2000, the V2500 up to widebody engines such as the CF6.

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