MRO AMERICAS: PureSolution launched by P&W for PurePower family

Pratt & Whitney has announced the launch of PureSolution services, the company’s new flexible maintenance plan designed exclusively for its PurePower engine family.

PureSolution services offer MRO expertise from the PurePower engine’s OEM and design-responsible partners. It will be delivered by Pratt & Whitney’s service network, as well as new network partners serving as centres of excellence. PureSolution services offer customers a wide range of comprehensive and fully customisable MRO services to ensure predictable maintenance costs and maximise the PurePower engine’s performance over its life span – aiming to deliver the lowest cost of ownership.

“Pratt & Whitney is pleased to offer PureSolution services,” declared Tom Hutton, Pratt & Whitney Global Service Partners vice-president. “Only PureSolution services offer MRO expertise from the PurePower engine OEM – the experts that designed, tested and understand the engine best. This expertise is incorporated into the PureSolution service offering, and will sustain the engine’s operating cost benefits throughout its life.”

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