MRO AMERICAS: New Attendant Control Panel launched by BAE Systems

A new system to streamline flight attendant workload – originally designed for the Boeing 737NG including the Sky Interior – has been unveiled by BAE Systems for retrofit to all aircraft models.

The modernised Attendant Control Panel (ACP), says BAE, is intuitive and enables flexible, user-friendly control of a number of cabin systems functions on the aircraft, all with the capability of customisation.

The panel controls a number of cabin system functions including dynamic ‘mood’ lighting; environmental systems such as cabin climate control; inflight entertainment; and assorted cabin attendant functions such as lavatory status, water and waste water tank levels, and smoke detector status.

A key feature, according to BAE, is a laptop-based software tool that allows airline personnel to select colours and intensities from a palette to create a custom lighting environment on board the aircraft. The panel’s ability to capture system fault data also simplifies maintenance for airlines.

“An airline can replace dated switch panel technology and control a number of cabin functions, including LED lighting, with our modern ACP,” explained Dr Ehtisham Siddiqui, vice-president of commercial avionics for BAE Systems who emphasised the fact that LEDs last 40,000 hours. “By switching fluorescent lighting with LED lighting an in-service aeroplane can achieve a cost-effective interior make-over, with more lighting options and less maintenance.”

Kathryn Creedy, US correspondent, Low-Fare & Regional Airlines/
Miami, FL, USA

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