MRO AMERICAS: MTU Maintenance announces new MTU-Plus Mature Engine Solutions

MTU Maintenance has announced new aftermarket services for mature aircraft engines under the name MTUPlus Mature Engine Solutions, which has been launched in response to current market needs and targeted at both airlines and lessors.

The modular set-up of MTUPlus Mature Engine Solutions offers customers a variety of options that can be summarised under two main products: ‘Instant Power’ focuses on leasing or exchanging the engine, while ‘Smart Repair’ combines customised workscoping with material salvation.

The solutions cater to the specific needs of operators of mature engines, which in many cases have been in service for 20 to 30 years. To maximise customer benefits, MTU personnel will evaluate the condition of the engine and its components and consider the remaining service life of major components when proposing the most effective solution.

If the condition of the engine and its components is found to be such that repair is no longer economical, MTUPlus Mature Engine Solutions offers alternatives that provide instant power: either a leasing arrangement or an engine exchange. If the customer has new aircraft which will be delivered within the next few years, an exchange engine can be a cost-efficient interim solution for its existing fleet. Under these conditions, the customer sells MTU Maintenance its current engine as a trade-in for an exchange engine that fulfils all operating requirements for the intended period of use. Should an operator require a short-term replacement for an engine that has minimum running time left, MTU offers engine lease arrangements that save customers an investment in engine maintenance.

Should the operator plan to keep the engine in service for a longer period of time, then engine repair remains the most appropriate solution, said the company. MTU’s ‘Smart Repair’ options will restore the engine to a serviceable condition that exactly matches customer needs. In this context, material salvation services may be the most effective way to maximise the residual value of the asset at the end of its life cycle. Used serviceable material is gained from customer-owned engines or provided by MTU.

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