MRO AMERICAS: Cutting FAA will cost jobs

Federal Aviation Administrator Randy Babbitt has expressed clear frustrations with Congressional machinations that are currently trying to cut the US federal budget by 6%.

Speaking at MRO Americas in Miami Beach, the administrator said there was no way he would cut safety, yet if the FAA budget was stripped by 6% he would have to cut inspectors.

It is ironic that Congress – at the behest of Tea Party budget cutters – includes the FAA since Congress is usually saying that the FAA has to hire more – more controllers and more inspectors – in order to do its job properly.

Babbitt pointed to plans by Boeing, Embraer and HondaJet who want to open factories in the US which would obviously mean jobs. “If certification for these factors is delayed by four months, that’s four months when people can’t be working,” noted Babbitt.

Kathryn Creedy, US correspondent, Low-Fare & Regional Airlines/
Miami, FL, USA

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