Monarch updates rules on PEDs in accordance with EASA

Monarch Airlines (Monarch) is the latest airline to take advantage of the European Aviation Safety Agency’s updated regulations regarding the use of personal electronic devices (PEDs) from take-off through to landing.
Monarch passengers will now have permission to use their smartphones, laptops and e-readers in flight mode, although voice calls and text messages are still prohibited and, because laptops may cause injury, they must be stowed for the beginning and the end of a flight.
Using their PEDs, Monarch passengers can connect to the airline’s new MPlayer on-board Wi-Fi network, allowing them to access the airline’s free or charged-for in-flight entertainment content.
“For Monarch customers to be able to access entertainment options, including the premium content available on Monarch’s new MPlayer app, from the moment they step on the plane ensures that they can get into holiday mode earlier than ever before,” claimed Tim Williamson, Monarch’s director of customer experience and marketing.
“Since its launch, the MPlayer app has been very popular, with almost 10,000 downloads in its first month alone, demonstrating the real value that our new initiatives are adding to our customers’ travel experiences,” Williamson concluded.

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