Monarch aims to further improve fuel efficiency with Aviaso software

Monarch Airlines has signed a contract to continue the use of the fuel conservation software developed by Aviaso.

The Aviaso/Fuel Efficiency solution has been in use with the carrier since 2012. Extending the contract with Aviaso is yet another step for Monarch in attempting to achieve the goal of 6.8% improvement in fuel efficiency by the end of 2015.

“At Monarch, we recognise that we must play our part to help reduce emissions. A number of steps have been taken within our business to achieve this," explained Nils Christy, director of operations, Monarch Airlines. “Our goal is to achieve 6.8% improvement in fuel efficiency by the end of 2015. To do that, we are adding new fuel-efficient aircraft to our fleet and replacing old ones. Furthermore, we are implementing a series of initiatives on the ground and during flight which help us saving fuel. To measure these initiatives and identify additional fuel savings, we are using the fuel conservation software from Aviaso. We have decided to extend the contract with Aviaso as we are very happy with the software, its powerful functions, and the good support from Aviaso.”

The fuel efficiency software from Aviaso includes more than 100 ready-made analysis reports. These reports allow an airline to understand thoroughly their fuel consumption and to identify potential fuel savings. The Aviaso solution not only identifies the fuel savings, but also helps to achieve these savings by rigorously monitoring the various fuel savings initiatives for each and every flight.

“It gives us a great pleasure to work with one of the leading airlines in implementing fuel efficiency initiatives,” remarked Rudolf Christen, CEO of Aviaso. “Monarch Airlines is setting an example in weight reduction initiatives and ground and flying procedures that reduce fuel usage significantly. It is nice to see how Monarch is taking advantage of the capabilities of our software to measure and manage fuel saving initiatives such as single engine taxiing, continuous descent approaches, reduced flap settings to name a few.”

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