Mitsubishi denies speculation of further MRJ delays

Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation has responded to news reports claiming that a further delay is to be made to the delivery schedule and entry into service for the MRJ by stressing that no decision has been made to change the delivery schedule by either Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation itself or Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and, as such, no announcement has been made.

“We are moving forward with MRJ development to achieve both safety and superior performance as we overcome issues one by one while devoting the most careful attention to safety. When issues arise in the development process, we take appropriate steps, including informing and consulting with the authorities and customers. If any decisions are made in the future on important items to be made public including development schedule, we will announce them promptly,” the company stated.

“At the end of [September], Mitsubishi Aircraft and MHI successfully completed the ferry flight to the United States of the MRJ’s first flight test aircraft (FTA-1),” the OEM continued. “As we expect various issues may arise in the future, we will accelerate flight tests in the US toward the successful development of a world-class regional jetliner.”

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