Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation provides MRJ update

?Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation has held a press briefing in the lead-up to the Mitsubishi Regional Jet’s (MRJ) first flight, which has been scheduled for the latter half of October.
The OEM has confirmed that before the first flight it plans to complete aircraft-level ground testing, engineering testing and aircraft inspection by late September as well as completing taxiing tests by mid-October.
In June, 2015, the MRJ underwent an initial taxiing and ground vibration test, which was conducted before feedback modification tests and technical data checks were carried out during July and August.
Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation is now co-ordinating with the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MILT) on obtaining permission from the latter to conduct the first flight as a part of the MRJ’s wider certification activity.
The primary objective of the MRJ’s first flight is to confirm basic flight characteristics, such as ascent and descent, and circling left and right. The OEM has affirmed that some movable parts such as the landing gears and flaps will be fixed and that the thrust reverser system will not be engaged. After the first flight, Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation will continue to test feedback modification to expand the flight envelope.
Since Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation last updated the media, the OEM has also opened an engineering centre in Seattle, Washington, to promote conformity activities. Furthermore, it reports that good progress is being made on construction work for the hangar in Moses Lake, Washington, where the flight tests are to be conducted.
Finally, the company says the hangar which will house the final assembly line when the MRJ reaches the manufacturing phase is also under construction and progressing according to schedule.
Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation has said that the week of the first flight will be announced at the end of September, with the exact day to be confirmed one day beforehand.

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