MedAire supplies easyJet with ‘Air+Chair’ on-board wheelchairs

easyJet has begun utilising ‘Air+Chair’ on-board wheelchairs sourced and supplied by MedAire to assist passengers with reduced mobility.
“Wherever they go and however they travel, passengers should be able to expect high quality service and supportive assistance,” commented chairman of easyJet’s Special Assistance Advisory Group (ESAAG), David Blunkett. “I am proud to say ESAAG played a front bench role in vetting and testing different aisle chairs to ensure easyJet would get a product designed to best meet the needs of customers with reduced mobility.”
‘Air+Chair’ was chosen by easyJet because it’s the most compliant chair on the market currently being used by airlines and airports in relation to the Disabled Persons Transport Advisory Committee specification.
“easyJet continues to add value to the customer experience by responding to the varied needs of its many passengers,” added Steven Bates, MedAire Europe’s managing director. “MedAire is pleased to provide ongoing support based on our aviation experience of passengers with mobility impairments.”MedAire already provides easyJet’s on-board medical kits.

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