MC-21 fuselage arrives at TsAGI for static tests

Irkut Corporation has delivered the MC-21 fuselage designated for static tests to the Central AeroHydrodynamic Institute (TsAGI) at Zhukovsky.

The tests will be used to confirm the strength characteristics of the new aircraft and to provide certification of the type for static strength.

The MC-21 fuselage was delivered to Zhukovsky from Irkutsk by an Antonov An-124 freighter. Other parts of the airframe will arrive at TsAGI in the coming months, including the auxiliary power unit compartment.

Irkut Corporation’s specialists, together with the employees of TsAGI and cooperation companies, will perform airframe assembly. The first stage of the airframe test includes leaks inspection. Then TsAGI specialists will initiate static tests which include simulation of structural loads in all flight modes with monitoring of the stress–strain state of the aircraft structure.

Tests of fuselage compartment, as well as of the tail and fin box are being performed. Preparation is ongoing for the isolated testing of the composite wing box, the stabilising fin and the high-lift devices.

All the tests are designed to verify the ability of the MC-21’s structure to be put under specified loads without breaking and without unacceptable permanent deformations taking place.

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