Luxair MRO now using Swiss AviationSoftware’s AMOS

Swiss AviationSoftware (Swiss-AS) has announced that Luxair has successfully gone live with its AMOS, the Swiss company’s MRO software.

The airline is now using the entire AMOS bundle with all modules for its complete fleet. The start of operation was followed by two weeks of onsite support provided by Swiss-AS staff to ensure a smooth change-over.

The biggest challenge that the project team had to face during the implementation was posed by the task of data mapping. For professional help regarding the data transfer process, Luxair relied on fellow airline Régional and CrossConsense (Swiss-AS’s long-term partner regarding data transfer). Both companies previously managed to successfully extract data from the legacy system that has now been replaced with AMOS at Luxair.

A specific feature of the project at Luxair is the unique interface to the airline´s warehouse management software, being part of a fully automatic random warehouse system that is now able to interact with AMOS.

Horst Lenhard, VP technical services of Luxair, commented, “Right from the beginning it was clear that AMOS was a perfect match for Luxair since we are convinced that AMOS will support us in the process of achieving a boost in efficiency while reducing costs in the maintenance sector.”

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