Lufthansa Systems navigation charts for Air Dolomiti

Air Dolomiti is to use navigation charts from Lufthansa Systems with the two companies having recently signed a 10-year-contract for the usage of Lido/RouteManual.

The agreement also includes an option to migrate to the electronic version of the charts, Lido/eRouteManual. With this solution the regional carrier can optimise its flight operations.

The navigation charts are generated directly from the Lido navigation database. They include true-to-scale geographic information such as terrain features and rivers. The charts include airport taxiway charts, approach and takeoff charts, and a seamless worldwide route chart.

The value of Lido/RouteManual lies in its legibility and the clear structure of the individual charts. This reduces the pilots’ workload in the cockpit, especially during key flight situations such as takeoff and landing. Migrating to the electronic version of the charts later will enable the carrier to move forward to a paperless cockpit. The organization and structure of the paper charts are identical to those of the electronic version, making for a smooth shift to Lido/eRouteManual.

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