Lufthansa Systems’ IT solutions for Wizz Air

Wizz Air has signed an agreement to use Lufthansa Systems’ flight planning service, Lido/Flight, alongside Lido/eRouteManual electronic navigation charts.
Lido/Flight calculates the best route for flights using factors such as weather, total weight, air traffic situation, flight time and fuel consumption.
All the Lido/eRouteManual electronic navigation charts are generated through the Lido/FMS (Flight Management System) navigation database, which contains worldwide aeronautical information and topographical data comprising all important route information, including altitude and airport data. This means the charts display true-to-scale geographical information which will be used for takeoff and landing as well as during an aircraft’s journey.
All Lido/FMS data is updated every 28 days, according to the AIRAC cycle. These updates can be now transferred seamlessly to the eRouteManuals, and pilots can zoom in and out depending on the level of detail they require when studying a certain area.
“We have relied on the precise data of the Lido/FMS database from Lufthansa Systems since we began flight operations ten years ago," stated David Morgan, Wizz Air’s head of flight operations. “The fact that the Lido/eRouteManual navigation charts can be linked seamlessly with the database solution is a key benefit for us.”

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