Lufthansa finds new Fan in Ukraine

Ukrainian startup airline Fan Air, which only began flying at the start of this year, has signed up to use the Lido/mPilot navigation solution from Lufthansa Systems.

The carrier will use the system for the next five years, with the product already implemented for the airline within two weeks of signing the contract. Yakovanko Oleksandr, chief of the flight safety department at Fan Air, said the product had been recommended to it by another Ukrainian airline using the system. “We looked at the solution and were immediately impressed by the advantages it offers. Since the implementation, our pilots can access all the necessary navigation maps and documents on their iPads from anywhere, at any time.”

Lido/mPilot is Lido/Navigation’s charting solution for the iPad, with the application containing important route information such as altitude data, airways and airport data. It can also access relevant avionics data such as GPS information, speed and the aircraft’s target direction, thus enabling it to display position and orientation of the aircraft on the integrated Airport Moving Map (Lido/AMM).

The Lido charts are generated directly from the certified Lido/FMS navigation database and meet the highest standard of precision and quality, according to Lufthansa Systems.

“It normally takes around two months to implement Lido/mPilot. But due to special customer requirements, this had to go faster for Fan Air, so we implemented the solution in just two weeks,” said Marco Cesa, senior vice-president of regional management EMEA at Lufthansa Systems. “We are delighted that we can help this young airline digitally and efficiently control its navigation processes right from the start.”

The airline is based at Kyiv International Airport (Zhuliany) in Ukraine, with the carrier operating scheduled flights from Kiev to Greece, as well as charter flights from the Ukraine to Turkey, Montenegro, Albania and Bulgaria.

Written by: Mark Thomas

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