Lufthansa adds nine more A320s to fleet

Lufthansa Group has firmed-up a previous option for six Airbus A320neo aircraft, following the recent decision by its supervisory board for further fleet investment, as well as an additional trio of A320ceos.

The latest agreement brings its total order for the A320neo to 122 (77 A320neo and 45 A321neo). In addition, it signed an order for three more A320ceo aircraft, bringing its A320ceo orders to 273. With a total of 395 A320 family aircraft on order, the Lufthansa Group is also Airbus’ biggest A320 operator with nearly 400 A320 family aircraft in service. It was also the launch operator of the A320neo.

“We are delighted to see this additional order from our biggest A320 operator, Lufthansa Group,” said Eric Schulz, Airbus chief commercial officer. “Benefitting from the Airbus commonality and the A320 family’s efficiency and environmental credentials such as reduced noise, lower fuel-burn and emissions, we are pleased the airline has decided to come back for more.”


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