Low-fare airlines ‘the future of air travel in Europe’ says report

The European Low Fares Airline Association (ELFAA) has welcomed a report by York Aviation which it says demonstrates that low-fare airlines have become the carriers of choice for intra-Europe point-to-point air passengers.

“Whilst other airlines continue to beg for government handouts in order to remain solvent, low fare airlines are bucking the trend by carrying more passengers than ever before and to an ever-increasing number of destinations throughout Europe,” commented ELFAA secretary general John Hanlon.

The report indicates that the share of passengers travelling with low-fare airlines is set to increase up to the year 2020, rising from 38% to 53% for intra-European travel and from 43% to 60% for point-to-point.

The York Aviation report was commissioned by ELFAA in November 2010 and is available at the Association’s website www.elfaa.com/documents/LFAs_Market_Share_YorkAviation.pdf

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