Longer Iceland stopovers for WOW air transatlantic passengers

For passengers crossing the Atlantic on its flights via Keflavik, WOW air is now offering passengers the opportunity for a stopover in Iceland for up to a week at no additional airfare.

WOW air recently announced flights from London Gatwick and Bristol in the UK to the Californian destinations of Los Angeles (LAX) and San Francisco (SFO) and the new stopover option gives travellers the chance to break up long-haul journeys. The stopover option is available to book on routes between Europe and the USA via Iceland in either direction. Other North American destinations in 2016 include Boston, Baltimore-Washington, Montreal and Toronto.

Svana Fridriksdottir, director of communications at WOW air, remarked, “Our low-cost transatlantic fares have been a great success with travellers looking to spread their wings and head to North America. Until now our short stop in Keflavik has been a teaser of what Iceland has to offer, but we are looking forward to giving travellers the opportunity to experience Iceland – quite the contrast from our North American and European destinations.”

The tours section of the airline’s website also offers excursions to popular sites such as The Blue Lagoon and The Golden Circle, as well as explorative tours seeking out the Northern Lights.

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