Level D qualification for Mechtronix FFS at Simtech

Mechtronix Systems has announced that Simtech has successfully qualified its ATR 72-500 FFS X to Level D, the highest qualification for full motion simulators.

Initially delivered as a Level C device at Simtech’s training centre in Dublin, the simulator was recently upgraded to gain Level D qualification and full Zero Flight Time training and checking capabilities. After careful and extensive evaluation by the Irish Aviation Authorities (IAA), the unit successfully obtained JAR-FSTD A FFS Level D qualification.

“We are delighted with the Level D upgrade of our ATR FFS which was easy and quick to implement thanks to Mechtronix’s forward-thinking and flexible architecture that did not require any hardware changes,” explained Fergal Keogh, CEO at Simtech. “Our FFS primarily serves Aer Arann’s training needs who commit to a certain number of hours, meanwhile the remaining hours are available to operators and training organisations looking for ATR simulator time. Our full motion simulator represents the latest in simulation technology and we are amazed with the realism of the cockpit environment and the visuals. Pilots in training take great pleasure in flying our Mechtronix simulator.”

The ATR 72 FFS X shows the highest Level D fidelity via a collimated visual system and a RSI Image Generator. The simulator is equipped with a MOOG 6 degrees of freedom electric motion system.

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