LARA’s weekly top five video: Adria, Ryanair, Mitshubishi, Airbus, Boeing

LARA Countdown our top five stories this week: Adria expands with six Saab 2000s, Ryanair lands LaudaMotion, then hits out at Lufthansa, MRJ90 in debut Farnborough Airshow flight, A220 front and centre for Airbus and Boeing’s $16 billion 737 MAX 8 bonanza.

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Read the full articles below:

  1. Boeing’s $16 billion 737 MAX 8 bonanza
  2. A220 front and centre for Airbus 
  3. MRJ90 in debut Farnborough Airshow flight 
  4. Ryanair lands LaudaMotion, then hits out at Lufthansa
  5. Adria expands with six Saab 2000s


Written by: Isabella Duncombe

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