ATR and AviAssist form partnership in Africa

ATR has signed a partnership agreement with AviAssist, the independent non-profit organisation dedicated to promoting African aviation safety. This partnership will strengthen ATR’s safety awareness and accident prevention actions. For the past five years, ATR has participated in the annual Safety in African Aviation Conferences (SiAAC) organised by AviAssist. ATR is a member of the conference group.

Tom Kok, director of AviAssist, commented on the new partnership: “We are thrilled to include the expertise, safety dedication and funding of ATR to our work in Africa and our AviAssist Safety Promotion Centres. This partnership demonstrates ATR’s leadership in flight safety. Our aircraft play a crucial role in the development of new routes across the globe in Africa.”

Christopher McGregor, ATR Flight Safety Officer, said at the signing: “As the leader in the regional aviation market, it is essential for ATR to share its expertise to improve flight safety in the regions we serve. ATR recognises the success of AviAssist in driving safety improvement.”

More than 120 ATR aircraft are operated in 22 African countries by 30 airlines. Market forecasts predict that the number of turboprops in Africa is expected to exceed 350 within the next 20 years.

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