JetBlue to launch Airbus’ Scheduled Maintenance Optimizer

JetBlue has become the launch customer for the first module of Airbus’ Scheduled Maintenance Optimizer.
The application, focusing on long term planning, is part of the range of Airbus Smarter Fleet solutions. It aims to decrease maintenance costs through the optimisation of scheduled maintenance events at fleet, aircraft and single task level.
Using Airbus’ Scheduled Maintenance Optimizer, JetBlue’s planners will be able to use optimisation algorithms to compute the best schedules for a fleet of over 200 aircraft over a five-year horizon.
Tony Lowery, JetBlue’s VP technical operations, averred, “Our transformation to a planning-led organisation requires state-of-the-art technology and tools. Airbus Smarter Fleet places us at the leading edge in planning technology, allowing JetBlue to manage one of our biggest cost drivers on a longer horizon with greater fidelity. I could not be more pleased with our partnership with Airbus and this product.”
Airbus is committed to the benefits of its Scheduled Maintenance Optimizer and plans to create additional modules for scheduled maintenance processes, leveraging the increasing capabilities of the Airbus Smarter Fleet platform.

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