JetBlue Technology Ventures chooses FLYR for 1st investment

JetBlue Technology Ventures has selected Silicon Valley-based travel and data science company, FLYR, as its first investment.

FLYR uses machine learning and predictive analytics to create price forecasts which offer travel customers peace of mind and flexibility when evaluating constantly changing airfares, and gives travel providers insights and opportunities to increase revenue.

“In just a few short weeks, we have heard from hundreds of startups with incredible ideas about the future of travel,” notes Bonny Simi, president, JetBlue Technology Ventures. “We chose FLYR as our first investment because they share our belief that predictive analytics can provide value to travellers and will change the travel experience in ways we have yet to imagine.”

“We are honoured by JetBlue Technology Ventures’ investment in FLYR. The interest we see from leaders within the travel industry speaks not only to the power of our solutions, but also to the utility we can offer to both consumers and travel companies,” said Jean Tripier, co-founder and chief executive officer of FLYR. “Constantly changing airfares have always been a source of stress for travellers. Our predictive analytics can provide peace of mind for those travellers, but also has the potential to change the way travel providers capture and satisfy early demand, bringing higher engagement with travellers and increased revenue as well. We’re enabling innovation, one traveller at a time.”

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