JetBlue releases 2015 annual responsibility report

JetBlue has detailed its progress with environmental, social and business initiatives during 2015 as part of a new annual responsibility report in line with the Global Reporting Initiative Version 4 standards.
In terms of the environment, 2015 saw JetBlue offset more than 1.1 billion pounds of CO2e emissions, including all of its emissions throughout April. Elsewhere in 2015, the recycling adoption rate for domestic flights grew to 82%.
Ongoing community projects include the continuation of the JetBlue Foundation, which supports programmes encouraging women, students and veterans to pursue STEM courses and careers in aviation. To date, the JetBlue Foundation has awarded nearly US$200,000 in grants as well as internships and wider support.
In 2015, JetBlue also worked with an advisory board of childhood literacy and development experts to execute its ‘Soar with Reading’ campaign, providing free books delivered via vending machines to areas considered ‘book deserts.’
Finally, the carrier partnered with Autism Speaks for the third year running to offer travel practice for families affected by autism under the banner ‘Blue Horizons for Autism.’
Initiatives concerning diversity inclusion during 2015 consisted of a programme called ‘Reaching Blue Heights,’ which provides career coaching and creates a talent pipeline for people of all abilities. As part of this, JetBlue hosted speakers and provided shadowing opportunities across eight of its city destinations.
Finally, in 2015 JetBlue began providing in-network health coverage for gender or gender reassignment surgery to enrolled crewmembers and their dependents.
“Focusing on the environment and social responsibility are critical to our long-term growth and profitability,” explained Robin Hayes, president and CEO, JetBlue. “It’s vital that we invest in strengthening our position in these areas from natural resource consumption to community engagement. Measuring and reporting is a transparent way to communicate with customers and crewmembers impacted by our social and environmental performance.”

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