JetBlue introduces ‘Where We Jet’ interactive route map

JetBlue’s marketing and IT teams have collaborated with the airline’s design partner Rokkan to create an interactive map which helps potential customers decide where they’d like to take their next trip.
‘Where We Jet’ allows users to choose what kind of holiday atmosphere they’d like – relaxation, romance, party – before suggesting destinations with up-to-date weather filters, travel tips and photographs from previous JetBlue passengers which come via JetBlue's SoFly sharing tool.
Google maps integration means that once a destination is selected, customers can explore points of interest like restaurants, activities and tourist attractions. Routes are easily sharable to Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. Customers can then seamlessly purchase flights and JetBlue Getaways packages.
Director of digital commerce for JetBlue, Maryssa Miller, explained, “Discovery is a huge part of the travel experience for many. We're excited to offer this new best-in-class experience that assists those people just thinking about a getaway, and asks the right questions to guide and present trip suggestions customised to their interests.”

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