announces IFE choice has announced the introduction of inflight entertainment, claiming it will be “a first for the low-fare market in Europe”.

Paul Humphreys, retail director of, explained, “We’re proud to be able to offer such high quality inflight entertainment – this is a first for low-fares flights customers in Europe. The content is on demand so customers can watch what they want, when they want and have the freedom to pause, rewind or fast forward. Our customers will now enjoy their flight even more with their own personal multimedia device.”

The inflight entertainment systems are available for flights of four hours or more – therefore passengers on flights to the Canary Islands, Greek Islands, Cyprus, Israel, and Egypt the time can enjoy movies, TV, music and games on flights to or from their holiday.

The personal IFE units can be attached to the seat in front or can stand on the seat back tray table. The units can be prebooked online or can be hired on board, subject to availability, for £10 per sector or as part of a family bundle of baggage and seat selection.

The devices, made by viliv, have a high resolution seven inch touchscreen and quality audio delivered through a set of ear phones which the customer can keep or, as the units have a standard headphone jack, travellers can choose to use their own headphones with the unit. The screen has a good viewing angle meaning there is no loss of clarity when sharing the unit. sells headphone splitters onboard the aircraft making it possible to share a device between two people.

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