Jeppesen, ETS Aviation announce emissions trading reporting solution

Jeppesen and ETS Aviation have announced the release of an IT application to monitor, record, analyse and report flight data within European airspace to help airlines comply with regulatory requirements for managing carbon emissions set by the European Union Emissions Trading System (EU ETS) guidelines.

Operators will be able to integrate a web-based application, the ETS Aviation Footprinter, with Jeppesen’s international trip planning services to manage essential monitoring, recording and reporting of carbon emissions in flight.

“The Jeppesen and ETS Aviation partnership provides operators with a one-stop solution to comply with EU ETS requirements through a perfect combination of an established EU ETS monitoring and reporting service provider and an internationally trusted source for trip and flight planning,” said Tim Huegel, director, Jeppesen portfolio management, aviation. “The Jeppesen and ETS Aviation solution works to save operators time and effort in creating carbon emission reports and also provides a service to increase efficiency and reduce costs through the analysis of actual flight data.”

Operators will enter and store monitoring plans, company and fleet information and flight data using the Jeppesen and ETS Aviation-developed solution. Flight data stored in the system is used to compile an annual emissions report to comply with European regulations. The data are also analysed to identify input errors and inefficient operations in order to increase the accuracy of emissions reporting and to promote potential fuel savings.

Recorded passenger numbers and the payload per flight are recorded for an operator, providing a database that creates a tonne kilometre (TKM) report that is required for the allocation of free carbon allowances by the European Union.

For annual emissions report verification purposes, ETS Aviation has established relationships with a number of approved European verifying agencies. These independent companies are able to access and verify an operator’s annual emissions report directly within the Aviation Footprinter application. This third-party verification of an operator’s annual emissions report allows the operator to then submit the report to their assigned EU member state for final processing and approval.

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