Jeppesen adds fatigue risk management to crewing system

Jeppesen has integrated fatigue risk management (FRM) functionality into its crew management system solution suite, as part of its work to prevent and mitigate fatigue risk in crew planning and operation.

The FRM solution takes into consideration crew members’ predicted levels of fatigue when generating and maintaining crew schedules. Predictions of crew alertness and fatigue risk are based on the Boeing Alertness Model (BAM), developed jointly by Boeing and Jeppesen. The modular design of the solution also allows airline operators to make use of alternative alertness models if desired.

Jeppesen recently released a related Apple iPhone mobile application, called CrewAlert, which gives the user an insight into how sleep science applies to crew schedules. CrewAlert is intended for use by crew schedulers, crew members, government regulators and scientists to determine predicted levels of alertness. The app also allows for data, collected in actual operations, to be fed back into an airline’s FRM system for purposes of correlation with other pilot data and further refinement of the FRM model.

Data generated by an FRM assessment, including alertness and risk information, is processed by Jeppesen crew planning optimisation software when generating crew pairings and rosters for airlines. This data is also available to crew planners to control and monitor fatigue risk during manual roster maintenance and day-of-operation changes.

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