Japan’s first E190 enters service with J-AIR

J-AIR has completed the inaugural revenue flight on its first E190 between Osaka (Itami Airport) and Kagoshima.
“We are honoured to receive the first E190 in Japan,” commented Tetsuya Onuki, president of J-AIR Corporation. “The combination of the existing E170s and new E190s in our fleet will give us greater flexibility to match our products and services to customer needs. We are confident that the E190, with our new cabin interior and the addition of Class J service, will deliver a refreshing and comfortable in-flight experience to customers.”
The E190, configured by JAL in dual class, is the third Embraer E-Jet type operating in Japan in addition to E170 and E175 aircraft. J-AIR currently operates a total of 17 E170s and Fuji Dream Airlines operates three E170s and seven E175s. The entry of the first E190 into J-AIR’s fleet brings the current number of E-Jets operating across Japan to 28.
“The E-Jets have proven their ability to help airlines maximise yield, and sustainably enter new markets, as in the case of Japan Airlines,” added Paulo Cesar Silva, president and CEO, Embraer Commercial Aviation. “The E190 configured with 95 seats complements J-AIR’s E170 operations. The extra capacity offered also reflects the steady growth of the domestic market. We are confident that our E-Jets will continue to add strong value to J-AIR’s operations, and we are grateful to Japan Airlines for their trust and for the partnership we continue to enjoy.”

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