Iran Air Fokker F100 makes a belly landing at Tehran

A Fokker F100 operated by Iran Air made a wheel-up landing in the Iranian capital, Tehran, after a reported hydraulic failure led to the main undercarriage legs failing to deploy.

None of the passengers were injured according to local reports.

The aircraft was registered EP-IDG and was serving on domestic flight IR 215 from Qeshm Island to Tehran Mehrabad, the Iranian capital’s second airport, when both main gear struts failed to extend.

The aircraft landed on its nose wheel and the underside of the fuselage at 2100 on 19 March.

Footage posted on Twitter showed the aircraft sliding along the runway with sparks coming from underneath its rear fuselage. Follow-up tweets showed the passengers disembarking from the front passenger door’s airstairs and moving away from the aircraft. It appeared the aircraft had been heavily damaged.

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