interCaribbean Airways announces Cacique Rewards

interCaribbean Airways has launched a new rewards programme called "Cacique Rewards", which the company says is designed for all its customers across the islands of the Caribbean.

The name of Cacique Rewards was chosen to represent and honour the Cacique People of the Caribbean islands, said the airline. Across the Caribbean Islands the Cacique were the leaders of their communities, passing the title from father to son or daughter. “Over history, great men and women have claimed the title of Cacique,” according to interCaribbean.

Travellers can join Cacique Rewards and earn Cacique Rewards Points for rewards flights across the network. To join, customers may sign up via a link at the carrier’s website.

Once signed up, travellers are asked to hold onto their boarding cards, to claim any early flights flown, and to receive a retroactive credit for all flights from their date of registration. Details will be posted on this credit claim procedure to have the credit posted to each traveller’s individual account.

From January 2015, passengers will be able to log in to manage their Cacique Rewards account, and be able to book flights based on their rewards earned.

Trevor Sadler, CEO of interCaribbean Airways, was happy to announce the programme as the next step in the evolution and growth of the company. “Starting with an increase in the number of destinations across the Caribbean, and with more to come, the rewards programme is the ideal way for our travellers to begin to earn rewards and pick a new destination to visit all while enjoying rewards travel,” he remarked.

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