Increased transactions for Saab Aircraft Leasing in 2010

Saab Aircraft Leasing (SAL) reports that it completed a total of 30 new aircraft transactions in 2010, nearly double the amount recorded in 2009.

The 30 transactions included 10 sales, 18 leases (either new or extensions) and two third-party placements. Some 23 involved Saab 340 aircraft, which comprise the largest share of SAL’s portfolio. The Saab 340 transactions included 10 sales, two extensions and 11 new leases. Of the seven Saab 2000 transactions, SAL recorded six lease extensions as well as one new lease.

"A developing trend continued in 2010 showing resurgence in the turboprop market as both regional and major airlines adjusted their fleet planning," commented Michael Magnusson, president and CEO, Saab Aircraft Leasing. "As larger legacy airlines are withdrawing from many regional markets, this void can be aptly filled by many of our operators flying the Saab 340 today. For example, Pinnacle will lease seven Saab 340Bplus aircraft for its US Airways Express operation."

Saab Aircraft Leasing manages a portfolio of about 110 Saab 340 and Saab 2000 aircraft which are leased to 15 airlines around the world.

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