Iberia Express selects Indra for e-commerce portal

In keeping with its new brand design and passenger needs, Iberia Express is now in the first phase of creating a new e-commerce portal in partnership with Indra.
The portal will feature Indra’s ‘Booking Flow Manager’ solution, allowing Iberia Express to operate its e-commerce portal independently from the global GDS network. This means the airline can introduce a greater degree of customisation alongside new ancillaries and actual website management. The ‘Booking Flow Manager’ solution is aligned with IATA’s NDC (New Distribution Capability) standard.
The second phase will finalise the web design by implementing a reservation management and express check-in function.
The whole website for the airline has been created with responsive web design technology to allow users access to the e-commerce portal from any type of device, adapting the way the functions are viewed to the size and type of the device used.
The airline hopes these changes will simplify the process purchase whilst increasing passenger usability.
The new website incorporates German as a third language (along with Spanish and English), following the airline's consolidation in Germany.

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