IATA AGM: Jetstar Group CEO – “We’re leading where we can”

Jayne Hrdlicka, CEO of Jetstar Group, weighed in on the much-talked-about issue of flight tracking as part of the CEO insight session at IATA’s 72nd annual general meeting in Dublin.Hrdlicka confirmed that Singapore-registered Jetstar Asia is installing flight-tracking solutions since the country requires it, but stated that the Group’s other airlines would not do so where it was not necessary until ICAO had pinned down its global standard, citing the cost. On the topic, Hrdlicka stated, “We’re leading where we can.”She opined that the industry had made a good start on flight tracking, but remarked, “There is probably a lower weight, more efficient flight-tracking solution” than Jetstar is currently using.The discussion intensified as 81% of delegates answered “Yes” to the question: “Does the aircraft industry need to do more about flight tracking?”In a separate presentation on safety, Gilberto Lopez-Meyer, IATA’s SVP safety and flight operations, said that live data streaming wasn’t the only solution the association was looking at in terms of flight tracking, and that since technology was constantly under development the Association has not yet made a final decision on which methods would be used as part of the ICAO standard.Responding to the apparent frustration in the room on how long it was taking the industry to react to the need for flight tracking, IATA’s outgoing president Tony Tyler commented, “If you were streaming from the pushback of the aircraft to its arrival, the volumes of data if aircraft were constantly tracked would pose massive issues in terms of bandwidth, which is already very stretched.”He confirmed the ICAO standard for streaming flight tracking data is due in 2021.

Stephanie Taylor, assistant editor, Low-Fare & Regional Airlines / LARAnews.net
Dublin, Ireland

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