Horizon and Teamsters reach agreement in principle on pilot deal

Horizon Air and the International Brotherhood of Teamsters (IBT) have jointly announced that, with the assistance of federal mediation, they have reached an agreement in principle on a new contract for the airline’s 686 pilots.

Horizon and the IBT will spend the upcoming weeks finalising the language for the agreed-upon items so that the IBT can present the tentative agreement to Horizon pilots for ratification.

Horizon’s pilot contract became amendable in September 2006. After years of negotiations, in January 2010 both Horizon and the IBT requested federal mediation to work through the remaining open items.

Under US federal law, airline contracts do not expire. An existing contract remains in effect after the amendable date until a new contract is agreed to by the negotiating teams and ratified by represented members. This sometimes leads to the new negotiated settlement being backdated.

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