Hawaiian A321neo performs an emergency landing at Honolulu

According to Aviation24.be an Hawaiian Airlines Airbus A321neo made an emergency landing at Honolulu on 22 August after the cabin filled with smoke.

Hawaiian Airlines flight HA47, flying from Oakland to Honolulu declared the emergency landing request 20 minutes from the island.

Reports state the flight was routine until shortly before landing. Cabin crew noticed smoke in the cargo hold and some vapours leaking into the main cabin area. The pilots requested an immediate landing at the airport, which alerted emergency services on site.

The aircraft landed safely, but deployed the emergency evacuation slides for the passengers and crew. Seven passengers were taken to hospital with smoke inhalation, but have since been released.

According to the airline, the incident was caused by a fuel seal in the left engine becoming loose during the flight. This caused oil to leak on to the hot engine parts which boiled and turned into smoke which begun entering the cockpit via the air conditioning system.

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