GuestLogix onboard store technology for digEplayers

GuestLogix, which provides onboard store technology to airlines and the passenger travel industry, and handheld inflight entertainment provider digEcor have announced an agreement to integrate GuestLogix’s OnTouch retail technology and merchandising platform with digEcor’s digEplayer family of products.

“Our agreement with digEcor expands the access points to our onboard retail and merchandising platform, enabling us to process more transactions,” explained Tom Douramakos, president and CEO of GuestLogix. “digEcor’s purpose-built personal entertainment devices provide us with the ability to embed our transaction processing services and travel-relevant content with inflight entertainment systems that can be easily and quickly deployed by any airline. With digEcor’s systems already in use on board a number of North American and European airlines, and soon to be deployed on several more, this agreement positions us to augment our growth.”

GuestLogix and digEcor aim to help airlines develop profitable inflight offerings that include: OnTouch merchandising, advertising, gaming, movies, TV shows, music, and device rental that produce recurring revenue streams for airlines. OnTouch merchandising delivers ground transportation, events, attractions, catalogue shopping, and more. The combined offering can be selectively programmed for specific flights and classes of travel to enhance service and profitability.

"We are excited about our plans with GuestLogix to help grow ancillary revenues for our customers with a comprehensive solution that is essentially self-funding,” declared Brad Heckel, president of digEcor. “With the built-in secure transaction capability and destination-based merchandising content provided by GuestLogix, we can conveniently drive more new revenues for our customers through a single sourced, globally supported offering.”

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