Guernsey–Jersey codeshare between Aurigny and Blue Islands discontinued

Following the news Blue Islands is to become Flybe’s third franchise partner (full story), the carrier has come to an agreement with Aurigny not to continue a codeshare operation between Guernsey and Jersey which will expire on 16 March this year.
The inter-island service will continue to be operated by Blue Islands. Any passengers booked with Aurigny to fly to Jersey or Guernsey between 17 March and 26 March will be re-booked automatically onto a Blue Islands flight and contacted by Aurigny to confirm this.
Aurigny passengers who have made a booking after 27 March to fly to Guernsey or Jersey will be contacted by Aurigny and given the option of being re-booked onto a Blue Islands flight, or offered a full refund.
The inter-island codeshare between Aurigny and Blue Islands came into effect in March 2014 following its approval by both airlines and CICRA, the Channel Islands’ competition regulator. The agreement was for an initial period of two years.

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