GOL restructures fare categories

GOL Linhas Aéreas Inteligentes has launched a new structure of its fare categories with four options now available – Comfort, Flexible, Scheduled and Promotional.

The change, which results from a passenger survey, has simplified fare categories to make them more accessible and easier to understand. The main characteristics of the new categories are:

Comfort Fare: available on all Varig’s medium-haul flights to Bogotá (Columbia), Caracas (Venezuela) and Aruba (Caribbean), this fare provides passengers with differentiated service, including extra space between seats and more onboard privacy. Other advantages include a 50% mileage bonus and check-in, boarding and baggage handling priority, in addition, the passenger has access to VIP SMILES lounges.

Flexible Fare: this fare allows passengers to change the time or date of their flight, in addition to conferring other benefits, such as boarding priority, access to VIP SMILES lounges and a 25% mileage bonus.

Scheduled Fare: offers the best prices for those booking in advance.

Promotional Fare: created for clients seeking to take advantage of offers and obtain the lowest prices.

The make-over is just one of many GOL initiatives designed to simplify passengers’ flying experience. "We are personalising our services in line with the needs of each client profile, offering more benefits at a lower price," declared Marcelo Bento, GOL’s head of yield and alliances.

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