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GOL develops maintenance waste programme

GOL Linhas Aéreas Inteligentes has developed its own programme for managing aircraft maintenance waste at its operational bases.

Eight bases are already using the programme to treat and dispose of 100% of their waste and another 18 are in an advanced implementation phase. The airline is also carrying out studies into extending the programme to all the airports where it operates.

"After having created our own liquid effluent and solid waste treatment programme at our maintenance centre in Confins, we want to introduce similar procedures at the airports," declared Alberto Correnti, GOL’s head of maintenance. GOL says the maintenance centre is run along strict environmental standards with all oil and other chemical effluents produced during the maintenance treated before being disposed of in a way that does not harm the environment.

For cleaning the inside of the aircraft, the Company uses industrial towels that are laundered by specialised firms to avoid any type of waste.

GOL has always kept a focus on the treatment of aircraft maintenance waste, which was previously handled by airport management at each base. "The development of our own programme, which is totally in line with environmental legislation and the industry’s best practices, is an important step forward for GOL," declared Correnti.

The measure anticipates waste management tendencies in the global aviation industry. "By centralising the process within the company, we have made this issue one more facet of our environmental management and sustainability policy," Correnti concluded.

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