GoJet joins ATP Flight School’s tuition reimbursement programme

GoJet Airlines has teamed with ATP Flight School to offer financial assistance to aspiring commercial aviation pilots as part of ATP's new tuition reimbursement programme.“One of the biggest barriers to entry for pilots in commercial aviation is the cost of earning 1,500 hours of flight time,” averred Terry Basham, COO at GoJet. "This programme eases the financial burden associated with the earning of those hours, while simultaneously ensuring that GoJet has a direct pipeline to top-notch talent at ATP Flight School.”As part of the programme, ATP flight instructors commit to flying for GoJet after earning the requisite number of hours, in return for the mitigation of ATP loan repayment obligations or the rebate of a portion of ATP tuition payment costs for eligible participants.In addition to ATP tuition reimbursement, GoJet will also offer an $8,000 signing bonus, referral and mentor bonuses and a commuter policy.“ATP students have access to numerous loan options for full financing of airline career pilot programme flight training. This agreement will allow for a portion of students' training costs to be paid for by GoJet, rather than the students themselves,” said Justin Dennis, VP of ATP.

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