Gogo and Ultramain Systems to connect Aircraft Maintenance Reporting Applications

Gogo is partnering with Ultramain Systems to enable the latter’s aircraft maintenance applications to be connected in real-time, which will give airline personnel the ability to assess aircraft maintenance issues as soon as they are detected.
"Aircraft maintenance reporting functions are traditionally accomplished using paper log books and analysed by ground crews between takeoffs and landings," explained Andrew Kemmetmueller, Gogo's vice-president of product for connected aircraft services. "Ultramain's applications modernise this manual process into a digital one by building these applications into pilots' electronic flight bags (EFBs), maintenance technicians' mobile devices and airlines' back-office systems."Ultramain Systems applications that can now be connected using Gogo broadband connectivity include: efbTechLogs, which allow flight crews to transmit accurate data about problems on the aircraft; eReporting, an integrated flight crew reporting software that replaces paper air safety reports; and eCabin, which provides passenger information such as special needs for passengers."Ultimately, this partnership can help improve airline efficiencies and reduce maintenance related delays and cancellations, creating a better passenger experience," added Kemmetmueller.

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