Germanwings signs up to new Amadeus distribution solution

Amadeus and Germanwings have announced the launch of a new distribution solution that will enable the airline to offer travel agencies more flexible travel options as well as comprehensive ticketing services fully integrated with their mid and back-office systems.

The Amadeus solution enables Germanwings to issue tickets on Lufthansa’s ticket stock and start interlining with the full service carrier. By collaborating with Lufthansa in this way, Germanwings avoids the complex accounting, multiple IATA Billing and Settlement Plan (BSP) contracts and servicing which are usually a requirement for ticketed distribution.

Amadeus can offer the solution because of its common IT platform which is shared by travel agents and airlines for all their pricing, availability and PNR (Passenger Name Record) management. Amadeus provides a distribution layer that processes all Germanwings bookings made by travel agents and link to Lufthansa’s ticketing server. This technology model is possible thanks to Germanwings’ recent agreement with Lufthansa for the latter to act as a sales agent and validating carrier (or issuing carrier) for the low-fare airline.

Since the end of January, travel agents have been able to book combined Germanwings and Lufthansa’s flights. The Amadeus solution will also enable travel agents to carry out post-sales trip changes for all Germanwings flights.

“We expect that by improving our content and adapting to travel agencies’ modus operandi we will be able to grow our sales in this channel,” commented Ognjen Zeric, vice-president e-commerce & sales, Germanwings. “We also want to target business travellers with a more comprehensive post-sales services that will adapt to their needs.”

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