Germania lauds success of regional approach

Germania is expanding its offerings at Bodensee-Airport Friedrichshafen, on the banks of Lake Constance in Germany, and says the growing passenger demand is proof of the success of its regional approach.

Claus Altenburg, director of sales for the airline, outlined the significance of the Friedrichshafen location for Germania: “We have always strived for a decentralised route network, and have mainly been active outside of large travel hubs. Our constantly growing passenger figures here in Friedrichshafen are clear proof that our regional approach works and has a promising future.

“Therefore, we will continue to expand our operations in the Vierländer region, as well as our strategic partnership with the Bodensee-Airport, and we will also add new destinations to the route network and station an additional aircraft at Friedrichshafen,” he said.

The airline will be adding two new routes to its schedule from the airport in summer 2019, and will be basing a second Germania aircraft at the Lake Constance site in summer 2020.

Claus-Dieter Wehr, managing director of Bodensee-Airport Friedrichshafen, added: “We are delighted that Germania has made a clear commitment to Bodensee-Airport Friedrichshafen, and is one of the first tourist airlines to do so.

“With this impressive expansion plan, we will ensure that the Vierländer region is served by an airline offering quality and reliable flights to all key tourist destinations,” he added.

Germania has completed the plans for the basic flight schedule for 2019 and will add two additional destinations to the flight schedule at Friedrichshafen in the coming year, to the Balearic island of Ibiza, and the coastal town of Olbia in Sardinia. As a result, Germania will be offering flights to 14 destinations, with 26 flights taking off per week – compared to this year, the number of seats offered will increase by 25%.

In winter 2019/2020 the flight schedule will see more additions with one of Germania’s aircraft taking off from Friedrichshafen every day.

From summer 2020 the airline is planning to station an additional Airbus aircraft at the Lake Constance airport to allow for additional destinations to be added to the route network, the frequency of flights to increase to at least 30 flights per week, and will also allow an increase in the number of seats offered. Germania said this will also create new jobs in the region with the requirement for additional crew.

Image inset, from left to right: Claus-Dieter Wehr (managing director Flughafen Friedrichshafen GmbH), Gerd Friedel (Captain Germania Airline mbH), Claus Altenburg (sales director Germania Fluggesellschaft mbH), Andreas Humer-Hager (head of marketing & communication Friedrichshafen Airport)


Written by: Mark Thomas

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